LATAB presents the versatile dark field ring light family.

The LED lights are available from stock in sizes of between 15 and 246 mm inner diameter and are therefore suitable for very many machine vision applications. Customised sizes beyond the standard dimensions are also available at short notice on request.

In addition to the ring light diameter, the horizontal beam angle frequently plays an important role. If the working distance to the surface of the object exceeds 20 mm, the beam angle will be too flat to generate the requisite reflections. This is why specific adjustments to the beam angle of between 70 and 90 degrees are possible.

The light colours of red, green, blue, white, IR and UV are available. Both permanent light and stroboscope controllers with 1 to 4 channels, with analogue, Ethernet or RS-232 interface as well as with external or internal dimmers are available as LED controllers. LATAB also offers a 24 V inline controller for simple applications which is integrated in the power supply cable to save space and costs.

Dark field lights are used for the examination of surfaces. Their lateral or flat light reveals scratches, edges, imprints or dirt such as grains of dust. Scratches show up because they reflect the flat light from the edge facing the light.

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