Lighting Techniques

Back light

Lighting Technique Back Light

Back lights provide sharp silhouettes of objects for edge detection and even illumination of opaque and transparent targets.

Application: Contour/ Outline of objects
If only contours of objects are measured and if the lighting can be positioned underneath the object, the back light is the right choice.

Dark field ring light

Lighting Technique Dark field ring light

Dark fields are available in standard sizes from 25 to 276 mm in diameter with various cut-off angles. The working distance is 20 mm max.

Application: Contour / texture of objects
For the detection of edges and contours the dark field lighting ist the adequate solution.

Ring light

Lighting Technique Ring light

Ring lights provide a uniform even illumination. Sizes to fit all standard microscope objectives. Larger standard sizes ranging from 44 to 348 mm in diameter.

Application: Non-reflecing objects
For standard applications and less demanding objects that, for example, don‘t reflect or don‘t have high requirements concerning the measurement accuracy, the ring illumination is used.

Line light

Lighting Technique Line light

Line lights are available in pretty much any length needed. Standard sizes range from 50 to 466 mm. There are also water-cooled LED line lights, which provide as much intensity as the fibre optic equivalent.

Application: Non-reflecing thin or elongated objects
Thin or elongated objects can also be illuminated by one or more line lights at a greater distance. There are single row, double row and four square line lights configurable for any application.

Coaxial light

Lighting Technique Coaxial light

Coaxial lights only allow reflection from the flat surface into the camera which provides good contrast with glossy objects. Standard sizes range from 25 x 25 mm to 145 x 145 mm.

Application: Spatial shadowing objects
For spatial objects may possibly occur shadow, influencing the results. Coaxial illumination can avoid these shadows by the parallelism of the image rays and light. The shadow will usually be reduced significantly.

Dome light / tunnel light

Lighting Technique Dome light

Dome or tunnel lights provide non-directional diffused light, which eliminates glares and shadows. Standard dome lights are available in sizes from 44 to 348 mm.

Application: Reflecting objects
Dome or tunnel lighting produces diffuse light, and eliminates interfering reflections, comparable with a cloudy sky.

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