Demo controller / lab tester

Demo / lab LED-controller

The demo controller/laboratory tester is enabled for plug and play. Just connect the LATAB light head and the controller automatically limits the output current to the specified maximum for the connected light head. All adjustments can be done from the front panel. The demo controller can operate in both continuous and strobe modes:

  • Continuous mode: normal as well as external on/off control
  • Strobe mode: internal or external trigger. Strobe time from 0.005 - 1.5 msec
  • Trigger frequency: adjustable internal generator; 1 - 50 Hz or external up to 200 Hz.
  • Light intensity range:
    0 - 100% @ strobe time 0.001 - 1.5 msec.
    0 - 200% @ strobe time max. 100 µsec.

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Demo-Controller / lab tester

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